How Competency Management Software Makes Credentialing Easier

Credentialing, the process of examining, reviewing, and verifying a professional’s licenses or certifications, education, and experience, has greatly evolved over the years. As the complexity of this process increases, competency software has become invaluable in monitoring and documenting professional and technical competence.

Why is credentialing so important?

Credentialing is a valuable task in many industries in which there are legal requirements in verifying employees have the required skills and experience to do their job. It is imperative that organizations manage and track this data efficiently and effectively. This is most common in healthcare, law enforcement, construction, finance, and manufacturing, but is used in many other industries as well.

There are many skills that most employees hope to develop in their employees. It is not sufficient to just develop technical skills. In order to have a fully competent workforce,  soft skills must be developed as well. These are personal qualities such as leadership skills, strong communication, and the ability to collaborate. Additional qualities that employers seek in their employees are a good work ethic, problem-solving skills, and time management. Credentialing allows management in an organization to standardize these soft skills within the company. When their employees demonstrate these soft skills, the organization as a whole can grow and improve. These soft skills are a critical component in the triad of competencies (qualifications, skills, and behaviors) that make up an effective and efficient organization.

Historically, credentialing was a manual process. An automated software program provides management of this complex set of tasks. It can help streamline the process and work becomes more efficient. Having a credentialing platform also acts as a single source of truth for all data and credentials, avoiding any duplicate or conflicting information. In the end, credentialing provides organizations with a competitive advantage and it helps to attract and retain members. It improves the quality of service, product, and client interactions in any industry.

CABEM Offers a Way to Make Credentialing Easier

Keeping track of paperwork, as well as managing ongoing and expired credentials and upcoming training can be a tedious process. As credentialing requirements grow in intensity and complexity, a system that allows you to track, renew, and monitor the necessary credentials of your team is needed.

CABEM’s Competency Management software offers a variety of features that will help ensure your employees are developing soft skills such as leadership, communication, collaboration, and more. It can be used by organizations to manage the competency of individuals by tracking credentials, storing documents, sending automated alerts, automating expirations and renewals, and conducting any training or assessments necessary.

CABEM offers digital badges as documentation of achievements throughout the credentialing process. Digital badges are digital forms of any type of credential that shows proof of some kind of qualification, completion, clearance, or competence. They are digital versions of the traditionally paper credentials. Next month we will explore the use of these digital badges and how they are an effective way to verify an achievement has been made.

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