The learn-as-you-go credentialing ecosystem for the hospitality & tourism industry


Modern hospitality and tourism workers deserve a learning model that helps them develop their careers without amassing debt and missing out on years of real-world experience and career development.

That’s why we are developing GuestStars Pro. It’s a learn-as-you-go system designed by industry veterans, competency experts, and technologists to perfectly fit the needs of the hospitality and tourism ecosystem.

ORS Interactive, Inc., and CABEM, have entered a partnership and are in search of other forward thinkers whether commercial, nonprofit, or government who want to help us advance the hospitality and tourism industry.

Our Vision for GuestStars Pro

Hospitality and tourism workers are digitally verified and registered with GuestStars Pro.

Each worker gets a unique QR code and a secure online portfolio of credentials that is accessible internationally.

Through highly-targeted promotions, educators recommend curriculums to workers whose portfolios show gaps and an appetite for growth.

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Workers explore career paths and corresponding curriculums. As they complete learning activities they gain certifications of immediate value and build a set of credentials that set them up for career growth. Learning progress is tracked in real-time.

Owners and managers fill skills gaps by searching GuestStars—both for qualified workers and learning opportunities for their existing teams.

And they prove compliance to regulators faster and more confidently with GuestStar’s trusted reporting exports.



Everyone Benefits

We’re all in this together. So a next-generation solution should also benefit business owners and the communities they serve. GuestStars Pro isn’t just a learning platform. It empowers the entire industry to make more informed decisions, improve ratings, generate more revenue, and build trust with the workforce, regulators, and communities.


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We are seeking forward thinkers whether commercial, non-profit, or government who want to help us advance the hospitality and tourism industry.