QA Competency Manager

Software Overview

The QA Competency Manager Overview

Are you tired of dealing with the hassles of spreadsheets for competency management? As a quality manager, you understand the challenges of meeting ISO standards while ensuring efficient competency management.

As a quality manager, you face numerous challenges in meeting ISO standards and ensuring that your organization maintains a high level of quality.

Competency management involves tracking your employees’ skills, knowledge, and abilities to ensure they are qualified to perform their jobs and meet the requirements of ISO standards. Without effective competency management, it can be challenging to identify skill gaps, develop training plans, and ensure that your employees are qualified to meet ISO standards.

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Do you find yourself spending too much time tracking and proving employee compliance? 

Fortunately, a solution to this problem is QA Competency Manager. CABEM built a solution just for Quality Managers. It offers comprehensive competency management and allows you to track your employees’ skills, knowledge, and abilities in real time. This software can help you identify skill gaps, develop training plans, and ensure that your employees are qualified to meet ISO standards.

Using CABEM’s QA competency management software, you can streamline your ISO compliance efforts and ensure that your organization maintains a high level of quality. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, CABEM’s software is ideal for quality managers looking to improve their competency management processes.

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User Profiles and Dashboard

Easily accessible and built to manage workflows and priorities.

QA Competency Manager

Manage Activities

Assign tasks, requirements, training, or competencies according to the needs of your organization. You can configure the system to support the unique needs of your organization.

QA Competency Manager

Set the requirement and the configurable options for managing the Activity.

Once an Activity is set up with all of the necessary requirements – the Completion Method must be assigned. Use one completion method, or many, and sequence them as needed.

QA Competency Manager

Activity Grids & Reporting

Activity Grid

CABEM’s Competency Manager includes powerful reporting capabilities out of the box. The interactive Activity Grid matrix is a skills inventory that makes it easy to zero in on user progress toward completion. The Activity Grid allows Managers, Mentors, and System Administrators to view the details of a user’s progress for all assignments, as well as the ability to act through approval signoffs, assessments, and multiple other actions right from within the same screen. Discriminating filters provide the most efficient way of accessing important business intelligence in real-time.

Additional Reporting

With built-in reporting the Gap Analysis, Activity Metrics, Training metrics, Risk Analysis, or Role Compliance reports will give you the feedback you need to make sound business decisions or pass your upcoming audit.

Automate Your Competency Framework

Automate your current or newly designed competency framework with simple or more complex multi-step competencies, certifications, trainings, and regulatory compliance requirements. Multiple workflows accommodate sequencing for prerequisite tasks, such as self attestations, manager approvals, document uploads, in addition to evaluations and trainings.

QA Competency Manager
QA Competency Manager


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